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Secondary fracture prevention services to be developed across Russia

This ambitious nationwide initiative aims to improve and promote secondary fracture prevention services on a scale that will be highly beneficial against the rising number of patients who suffer from osteoporosis and fragility fractures in Russia

First CTF webinar for Thailand boosts interest in FLS

With more than 150 attendees, including group viewings at 12 hospitals, the February 18th Capture the Fracture® webinar has successfully reached out to the Thai healthcare community across the country.

Capture the Fracture visits FLS at Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre

Valuable insights gained from visit to Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (NOC) in Oxford, a globally renowned orthopaedic hospital with an outstanding Fracture Liaison Service.

Exemplary focus on secondary fracture prevention in Thailand

Refracture Prevention Initiative, with Lerdsin Hospital as key player, helps to drive FLS implementation across the country

In August 2017, Thailand’s Minister of Public Health, Emeritus Professor Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn announced that secondary fracture prevention would become a national policy of the Ministry of Public Health.

From Silver to Gold for Niigata Rehabilitation Hospital

Congratulations to Niigata Rehabilitation Hospital for achieving a gold! This hospital joined Capture the Fracture in May 2016 for the first time, and was awarded a silver for its services to prevent secondary fractures.