Secondary fracture prevention services to be developed across Russia

Dr Ksenia Belova presenting Capture the Fracture at 2nd All Russian Forum

This ambitious nationwide initiative aims to improve and promote secondary fracture prevention services on a scale that will be highly beneficial against the rising number of patients who suffer from osteoporosis and fragility fractures in Russia

The “Older generation” programme introduced by the Russian Federal Government aims to improve the quality of life and life expectancy of older adults across the country. Thanks to the successful efforts of the Russian Association on Osteoporosis (RAOP - RAOP President Prof. Olga Lesnyak), in collaboration with the Geriatrician Association under the leadership of Prof. Olga Tkacheva, Head of the Russian Clinican and Research Center of Gerontology (RCRCG), a secondary fracture prevention initiative has now been considered as one of the key goals within the “Older generation” project. This project will start in 68 regions of Russia in 2020. 

At present the sections on the organization of secondary fracure prevention services are included in two national recommendations. The first one is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis, and the second one to the prevention of falls and fractures. The initiative will also train and educate representatives across the 68 regions of Russia, as well as introduce a 48-hour protocol for the surgical treatment of patients with hip fractures.

Within the last year RAOP has been making regular presentations at conferences, roundtables and workshops, promoting secondary fracture prevention services and Capture the Fracture®. Additionally, the RAOP has managed to establish collaborations with numerous geriatrician associations, including with Professor Olga Tkacheva, head of the Russian  Clinical and Research Center of Gerontology (RCRCG).

Dr Ksenia Belova, PhD, Head of the RAOP Working Group for the Implementation of FLS, stated:

Our efforts during these last years have been paying dividends. I am confident that osteoporosis and fragility fractures management in Russia will vastly improve over the coming years with the support of the Ministry of Health and health care specialists. We are proud of the recent developments in Russia to support the initiative and we are eager for the national recommendations to be finalized and approved.