Programme Overview

Worldwide, there is a large care gap that is leaving millions of fracture patients at serious risk of future fractures. ‘Capture the Fracture’ hopes to close this gap and make secondary fracture prevention a reality.

Cyrus Cooper
President, IOF

Capture the Fracture is a global programme with the mission to reduce secondary and subsequent fractures through facilitating the implementation of Fracture Liaison Services (FLS). 

A resource for healthcare providers, Capture the Fracture guides healthcare systems in implementing their own FLS, and provides a platform for the global exchange of existing projects and resources on FLS and local implementation strategies.

Programme Structure

To ensure that each and every patient presenting with a fragility fracture can receive the secondary preventive care they need, Capture the Fracture aims to:

Set internationally endorsed Standards for best practice

Best Practice Framework

  • Reference our internationally endorsed framework outlining “best practice” for secondary fracture prevention that can be adapted to diverse healthcare systems around the world.


  • Put the Best Practice Framework into action and submit your FLS for IOF approved, Capture the Fracture Best Practice Recognition in celebration of your achievements in accordance with the Best Practice Framework.

Interactive Maps

  • Highlight the work of your organization onto a global stage. FLS receiving Capture the Fracture Best Practice Recognition are plotted on our interactive map, showcasing their systems and providing examples that can facilitate the success of future programmes.

Facilitate change at a national level

Mentorship programme

  • Volunteer to be a mentor/mentee and help developing systems create their own program for secondary fracture prevention.

Implementation guides & toolkits

  • Access online, national toolkits in country and language specific format for guidance in developing coordinator-based, post-fracture programmes.

Raise awareness of FLS in preventing second fractures

Interactive Website

  • Interact with our online, educational portal that serves as a primary resource on secondary fracture prevention for the international community.

Surveys, literature & epidemiology

  • Visit the repository for research publications supporting the development of Fracture Liaison Services.

International coalition of partners

  • Join our international coalition to provide consensus on effective models of care for the prevention of secondary fractures.