Orto Center

With 39 years of experience, Orto Center is a private clinic dedicated to ready outpatient care in orthopedics and traumatology, with an extensive infrastructure, imaging equipment, qualified and humanized care also in physical therapy, nutrition and rheumatology. We treat approximately 48,000 patients annually.

Its FLS is the result of the expansion of the osteoporosis prevention program - developed by the clinic and part of its history, characterized by multidisciplinary action in the identification, treatment and follow-up of patients in the risk group or who already have the pathology installed.

We call our program to prevent the second fracture" Stop at First ". In this way our service follows an initial protocol developed for different specialty’s work together, involved in attention to the target audience, ensuring better prognosis to the patients. The prevention program is carried out by Orto Center through the integration of five specialties: orthopedics and traumatology, nutrition, rheumatology, physiotherapy and image.

Currently its prevention focuses second fracture program in a women's audience above the age of 45 and men from 60. While accompanying patient's affected with fragility fracture in different regions, our program meets most often fractures in vertebras, in the rib and arm.

In addition to its ongoing program of attention to osteometabolic diseases, Orto Center promotes awareness campaigns involving its specialists and the community in health promotion throughout the year.






Campanha de Prevenção da Osteoporose
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Rio de Janeiro