Lukang Christian Hospital

Located near the west coast line of central Taiwan, Lukang Christian Hospital has been conducting an investigive program of osteoporosis headed by clinician Dr. Shih-Te Tu since 2007. To serve the elderly residents in Lukang township, we have provided an age-friendly medical environment and developed specific education materials for those with established fractures or high risk for fractures.

Our Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) provides care for outpatients & inpatients with fragility fractures. We especially emphasize multidisciplinary participation in a care team which includes physicians, case-management nurses, dieticians, therapist, physical therapist and registered Chinese medicine practitioners. The multidisciplinary team work together to deliver continuous and  individualized programmes of osteoprosis prevention and rehabilitation for patients with fragility fractures.


Patient Camp meets once every three months, beginning from 2012 up to the present.

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No.480, Jhongjheng Rd.
50544 Lukang Township, Changhua