IOF Position Paper and World Osteoporosis Day Report

2012 World Osteoporosis Day Report

The 2012 World Osteoporosis Day Report is devoted to the Capture the Fracture Campaign. The Report clearly articulates why secondary fracture prevention must become a public health priority for health care systems throughout the world. The ubiquitous post-fracture care gap is described for many countries. Crucially, exemplar Fracture Liaison Service models of care from Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania provide illustrations of best-practice. The role of national multi-sector coalitions in lobbying for change and policy development is considered. Implementation guidelines and resources for healthcare professionals, national patient societies and policy makers are provided to support the transformation of care at the national, regional and local level.

IOF Fracture Working Group Position Paper

A growing body of evidence from many countries shows that Fracture Liaison Services – a coordinated, multi-disciplinary approach to patient care – offer the most clinically and cost-effective secondary preventive care. Capture the Fracture supports this systematic approach to secondary fracture prevention because it has been demonstrated to result in fewer fractures and significant cost savings for healthcare systems. The IOF Fracture Working Group has published an important review outlining the evidence:

Coordinator-based systems for secondary prevention in fragility fracture patients.
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