FLS Hospital Clínico San Carlos gold star recognition

On behalf of IOF and the CTF Steering Committee, we congratulate the FLS at Hospital Clínico San Carlos for achieving a Gold medal, and their continued commitment in preventing secondary fractures in Spain. The FLS was recently featured on iSanidad. Lo mejor de la Sanidad where they were congratulated for their accomplishments.

The FLS was established in 2015, and it has its roots in the Orthogeriatric Unit. In 2009, they started to work in a multidisciplinary manner with specialists in bone metabolism, traumatologists, specialists in rehabilitation medicine, anesthesiologists, physiotherapists, dietitians and social workers. In their service, more than 1200 patients with fragility fractures are seen per year. Moreover, a Falls Prevention Clinic was established at this department, which highlights the necessity of evaluating patients at higher risk of further falls at this FLS.  

The unit has different protocols to start the treatment for outpatients and inpatients. Outpatients are evaluated by traumatologists or primary care physicians, and inpatients by geriatricians and orthopedists. Patients over 70 years are always evaluated by DXA. After treatment care, patients are released with a report from all professionals who are part of FLS. In the report, recommendations on pharmacotherapy, accompanied with illustrations which make it easier and more user friendly for elderly patients, are provided.

The biggest challenge faced was establishing a strong communication link between the FLS and primary care physicians, so that they could be trained on secondary fracture prevention. Communication between primary care services and FLS coordinators was crucial for following up with patients and ensuring medication adherence.

Clinicians from this FLS believe that one of the most important elements for a successful FLS is teamwork, and that younger patients presenting with a first fracture need to be treated carefully.