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CTF News: September 2012

Officially launched in March 2012, the International Osteoporosis Foundation’s Capture the Fracture global campaign has made great strides, and it is our pleasure to take this opportunity to provide you with our campaign updates.

Your interest in Capture the Fracture contributes to the International Osteoporosis Foundation’s united vision of a world without osteoporotic fractures - which can be facilitated through the implementation of coordinator-based, post-fracture systems/models of care:

Capture the Fracture aims to

  • Raise awareness of coordinator-based, post-fracture systems for preventing second fractures
  • Provide internationally endorsed standards for best practice
  • Facilitate change at a national level

We will do this by

  • Developing a Best Practice Framework
  • Organizing an international coalition of partners and endorsers
  • Developing a website and interactive map to house all information
  • Creating and sharing implementation guides and toolkits
  • Marketing and communicating the campaign globally
  • Piloting a grant program for developing systems

Where we are now

Working Group Paper

A Committee of Scientific Advisors (CSA) Working Group Paper has been published in the May 2011 issue of Osteoporosis International:

Campaign Launch

A media launch and special plenary session on Capture the Fracture models of care was held at the IOF/ECCEO conference, March 22, 2012, Bordeaux, France.

Steering committee

A steering committee has formed, consisting of the following members:

Prof Kristina Åkesson Chair, IOF Fracture Working-group Department of Orthopaedics Malmo, Skåne University Hospital, Malmö Sweden
Prof Cyrus Cooper Chair, IOF Committee of Scientific Advisors Director & Professor of Rheumatology, MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit, University of Southampton Professor of Musculoskeletal Science, University of Oxford, Southampton General Hospital, Southampton UK
Prof David Marsh Emeritus Professor of Orthopaedics, UCL Chairman, UK Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance International Ambassador, Bone and Joint Decade President, Fragility Fracture Network of the BJD
Dr Alastair McLellan Gardiner Institute Western Infirmary Glasgow UK
Paul Mitchell Director, Synthesis Medical Limited Auckland New Zealand

Best Practice Framework

A Best Practice Framework has been developed by the steering committee and aims to set the Gold Standard for coordinator-based, post-fracture models of care.

The Best Practice Framework is:

  • Divided into 14 standards of care, each with 3 achievement levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze
  • The basis for recognizing Gold Standard coordinator-based, post-fracture systems worldwide
  • Currently under review
  • Targeted for completion in October 2012

Website and Interactive Map

The outline and structure for the website is complete, and development will commence with an anticipated launch date in October 2012.

Components of the website include:

  • Best Practice Framework
  • Gold Standard nomination platform
  • Gold Standard awarded systems of care
  • Show case of best practices
  • Interactive online map
  • Facts supporting coordinator-based, post-fracture systems of care
  • Implementation guides and toolkits
  • Anthology of literature
  • International coalition of partners and endorsers
  • Grant programme (2014)

Putting it into action

IOF has made 'Capture the Fracture' with its 'Stop At One' slogan the focus of World Osteoporosis Day 2012.

Events organized by IOF and its more than 200 member societies all over the world will draw attention to secondary fracture prevention.

To learn more visit

  • Posters can be downloaded for your clinic
  • Coming on October 11: the launch of 'Capture the Fracture'; a referenced thematic report which outlines, and gives examples of, successful models of coordinator-based, multidisciplinary models of post fracture care

We thank you for your continued interest in the Capture the Fracture campaign, and we will continue to keep you informed of our progress. Please stay tuned for further information from us outlining how you may participate in the future of the campaign’s development and success.

Please consider us at your disposal for questions or comments, which can be sent to