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CTF News: March 2016

Coming soon: New webinars in 2016

New CTF webinars about the programme, how to implement FLS and success stories will continue this year with new speakers and a new feature: they will be held in different languages!

The first one will be held in French, presented by Prof. Thierry Thomas (St Etienne hospital, France) on March 29th 2016, 11:00-12:00 CET.

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Check out: The updated FLS questionnaire

More webinars to come in German, Japanese, Polish, and other languages. Stay tuned and look at the news section on the Capture the Fracture website.


In an effort to facilitate the Capture the Fracture® FLS reviewing process, the CTF committee has created an updated, more comprehensive and user-friendly questionnaire for newly submitting or updating FLS. If your healthcare facility runs an FLS, then you should ensure that your important work is recognized by the Capture the Fracture® (CTF) Best Practice Recognition Programme.

We invite all Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) who have not yet joined the CTF programme to complete the new questionnaire.

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FLS Spotlight

The Orthogeriatric Unit of the University Hospital Infanta Sofia is the first Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) to receive this rating in the Community of Madrid, in recognition of its excellent work that meets best practice standards.

The Orthogeriatric Unit of the University Hospital Infanta Sofia has received gold star recognition from IOF’s Capture the Fracture® programme. It is the first clinic within the Community of Madrid to receive the rating, joining the other two Spanish hospitals that have so far. This recognition supports the superb work done by this unit that meets best practice standards for secondary fracture prevention.

News about the Orthogeriatric Unit’s Capture the Fracture® recognition was announced in several Madrid newspapers giving the FLS much deserved community recognition.

IOF congratulates the Unit for its excellent work and hopes that the high quality standards attained will serve to inspire other FLS in Spain and around the world towards best practice in secondary fracture prevention.

> Read more about the University Hospital Infanta Sofia