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CTF Newletter : OCTOBER 2016

Successful collaboration with GRIO on secondary fracture prevention conference in Paris

GRIO, a CNS IOF member society from France, hosted a conference on Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) in Paris on October 4th where IOF presented its latest CTF activities.

Different specialists from all over France shared their experiences in setting up an FLS and their initial results in determining the effectiveness of their FLS. Great discussions were triggered on how to engage more patients and professional colleagues (e.g. general practitioners, orthopedic surgeons) to efficiently take care of fragility fracture patients. To date, there are 30 FLS reported in France and IOF is encouraging them to sign up to the CTF programme and showcase their achievements. Congratulations to GRIO on this successful day!

If your institution organizes such an event and would like to have a presentation around CTF, please contact us.

Check it out: Who wants to hear about FLS implementation in their native language?

Within the Capture the Fracture® programme, IOF wants to help institutions implement a Fracture Liaison Service (FLS), the best solution to prevent future fractures. Webinars have been a successful tool to bring education to healthcare professionals about FLS worldwide. This year, IOF has already organized/planned such webinars in 7 different languages. If your society is interested in collaborating in such project, please email Muriel for more information.

Stay tuned on the upcoming webinars on FLS implementation and the Capture the Fracture® programme in Portuguese, Polish and Dutch.

If your national/local society would like to organize a webinar, please contact us.

FLS Spotlight

FLS from Leiden

The Leiden Center for Bone Quality’s Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) has been fully operational since June 2012 and serves more than 1200 patients >50 years with a fracture. The Hospital (LUMC) is an Academic Teaching Hospital in Leiden, the Netherlands. All patients are identified and contacted/screened at the (outpatient) clinic of the traumatology/orthopedics by the nurse practitioner and FLS manager. If necessary, the nurse practitioner/FLS manager consults with general practitioners or other local hospitals to arrange screening and/or treatment elsewhere when required.

All patients seen at the FLS receive lifestyle consultation and fracture risk assessment, including DXA, VFA and laboratory screening for secondary osteoporosis according to clear pre-specified screening and treatment protocols. If therapy or more extensive consultation is needed, patients are invited for an extra consultation at the outpatient clinic of the Center for Bone Quality. If therapy is initiated, the patients are checked for compliance and patient satisfaction after 3 months and 12 months. This is performed with validated compliance questionnaires and by measuring bone markers. Currently the FLS is participating in a national initiative by the Dutch Osteoporosis Foundation to develop an individual patient-based care plan, and it seeks to integrate high level patient care with academic research on bone fragility with our impact micro indentation studies.