Sanatorio Las Lomas

Sanatorio Las Lomas
Capture The Fracture Liaison Service 
Directed by lead clinician Dr. Andres Torn, the Sanitorio Las Lomas Fracture Liaison Service is led by Dr. Felipe Geraci, Dr. Claudia Firpo, Dr. Pablo Maggi, Dr. José Valls and the Endocrinology, Metabolism and Traumatology Departments.

This private hospital is located in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina and serves a population of approximately 400,000.
The Fracture Liaison Service gives adequate attention to all types of fragility fractures; the FLS seeks to detect the first fracture and initiates appropriate action to prevent secondary fractures in patients who have already fractured.

The multidisciplinary team works together to identifying the fragility fracture, search for the underlying cause and provide therapeutic intervention according to best practice. This includes: lifestyle habits education (e.g. exercise & nutrition), falls prevention training, targeted pharmacological treatment and medical follow-up.


Endocrinology department
Diego Carman 555, San Isidro
1640 Buenos Aires