New video highlights Capture the Fracture® Mentorship programme

Apply for the Capture the Fracture® (CTF) Mentorship programme – and benefit from a dedicated on-site session with FLS experts in your country.

The new CTF Mentorship Programme was launched to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills by connecting experienced Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) ‘champions’ with clinics aiming to establish a new FLS.

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A central pillar of the programme is on-site training which allows an FLS candidate to benefit from a one-day visit at the FLS champion’s institution. A second pillar of the Mentorship Programme is the organization of national or regional workshops which train a group of participants interested in implementing or improving an FLS.

IOF offers financial support to help candidates learn from FLS experts in their countries. Contact us if you are interested in spending a day with an FLS expert or, on behalf of a National Society, if you are interested in organizing a workshop on FLS implementation.

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If you are part of our FLS network and would like to become a mentor or if you  are a National Society and want to organize a CTF FLS workshop, please contact Muriel Schneider at