Dartmouth General Hospital

Dartmouth General Hospital (DGH) is a government-funded acute care hospital serving a population of approximately 120,000. Implemented in February 2013, the DGH 2i fracture liaison service (FLS) employs a registered nurse who focuses on highest risk patients (WHO FRAX major osteoporotic fractures) by systematically and pro-actively identifying hip, shoulder and wrist fractures seen by the Orthopaedic Department (inpatients and outpatients) and by screening Diagnostic Imaging reports (chest x-rays, spine x-rays, CT of spine/chest/abdomen) for vertebral fractures.   
Upon completion of any required investigations (blood work, BMD, spine x-rays), a detailed management plan including treatment recommendations is sent to the patient’s primary care provider. The FLS’s main goal is to improve the initiation rate of effective osteoporosis medications in fracture patients who are deemed “high risk” as defined by a 10 year fracture risk > 20%. 


Dartmouth General Fracture Liaison Service
325 Pleasant St.
B2y 4G8 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia