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Department of rheumatology in CHD Vendée serves a population of approximately 670 000. The FLS was established in 2014 to provide primary and secondary care.

Rheumatology nurse visits 3000 patients per year to identify risk factors and to reevaluate the severity of fractures, they also calculate  average calcium intake with questionnaire, and perform exercises with patients. If it is necessary they provide densitometry for patients and consultations with rheumatologist.

This intervention was set up with the support of orthopaedic surgeons, radiologists and dietitians.

According to patient’s requirements, treatments are initiated directly at their department and then handed over to practitioner,  and prospective consultation with physiotherapist in case of walking disorders or frequent falls.

In the first year we presented our results at congress of rheumatology in France with 3280 patients seen, of which 677 with FDR (279 fractures and 398 without fractures); 496 BMD (73% of the patients) 196 cs and 123 treatments initiated.

FLS will be improved by including fracture outpatients and men with fractures in upcoming months and also remote monitoring will improve the compliance.



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