Centre Hospitalier Universitaire De Sherbrooke (CHUS, OPTIMUS)

The evolution of Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire De Sherbrooke (CHUS) – sites at Fleurimont and Hôtel-Dieu began in 2011 with FLS for hip fracture patients. This included a CHUS-supported orthopaedic nurse champion, lab work up, vitamin D repletion, initiation of anti-resorptive medication at departure and notification to the patient’s Family Physician (FP).
•     Beginning in April 2015: the same type of FLS for CHUS orthopaedic inpatients with non-hip fractures (humerus, vertebra, pelvis) with nurse champion, protocols, order set, initiation of Rx and notification to FP (3i).
•     To be implemented summer 2015: same kind of FLS at CHUS outpatient Orthopaedic Fracture Clinics, identification by the nurse champion and contact with FP (2i).

FLS monitoring includes: number of patients seen by the nurse champion in FLS; type of fracture; name of patient FP, evaluation and measure (CEAM), end of CIHR-funded OPTI-FRAC.  Results to come.
As with other FLS worldwide, the major challenges faced by the CHUS FLS include government change, hospital mergers, ongoing health system reorganization, and, above all, lack of financial resources.



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