Capture the Fracture’s first FLS on-site mentorship

On-site visit at the University Hospital of St. Etienne’s FLS is a great success, provides new insights, tailored advice and inspiration. 

Earlier in the year, Capture the Fracture® announced a new Mentorship programme to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills by connecting experienced Fracture Liaison Service (FLS)  ‘champions’ with clinics aiming to establish a new FLS. A central pillar of the programme is on-site training which allows an FLS candidate to benefit from a one-day visit at the FLS champion’s institution.

On November 15th, the first on-site Mentorship training was hosted by Professor Thierry Thomas, Chief of the Rheumatology Service at the University Hospital of St-Etienne, France. Prof. Thomas is a member of the Capture the Fracture® Steering Committee, and a well-known Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) expert in France.

Throughout the course of the day, the FLS candidate, Dr Didier Poivret from the CHR Metz-Thionville, was able to discuss with Prof. Thomas and his FLS team. The day’s programme included a visit to the DXA facilities, discussion with the FLS coordinator and attendance at patient consultations. A review of the Capture the Fracture® programme FLS questionnaire and discussion of how to join the CTF programme was another personalized aspect of the mentorship day.

As confirmed by the excellent feedback received from Dr Poivret, this unique opportunity to see a fully operational FLS in action and to receive tailored advice from an experienced FLS team is highly appreciated.

Capture the Fracture® Coordinator Muriel Schneider stated:

Establishing an FLS programme is complex and challenging. Being able to benefit from the experience of others who have already established an FLS in the same country can really smooth the way. It’s an optimal opportunity for participants to receive tailored advice that will help them establish their own service.

She added:

We extend our great thanks to Prof. Thierry, the FLS Coordinator Manon Berne, and the entire team, who dedicated part of their busy day to the on-site training. This is the kind of cooperation and dedication that will help extend effective secondary fracture prevention to clinics and hospitals across the country.

There is growing interest in Capture the Fracture® FLS mentorship opportunities worldwide. We invite interested healthcare professionals who are planning to establish an FLS and would like to apply for the on-site training day to contact Muriel Schneider at for more information.

The Capture the Fracture® programme now numbers 190 FLS in 35 countries. To find out more about Capture the Fracture® and how to receive recognition for your FLS, visit